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    Contents 1 Games 2 See also 3 Notes 4 References . Seeing as how the only interesting games are ports that Ive played already, Ill pass. solved Xbox 360 connected to 1920x1080p monitor, game play runs at very poor quality Can't find your answer ? Ask ! Get the answer getochknAug 12, 2013, 10:07 PM Nikushakupreishvili bollywood hd videos songs 1080p wallpapers getochkn said: Just because the xbox has a 1080p output, doesn't mean the games are in 1080p. My library is quite full large enough to compare quite admirably to my 360 or PS3 library. Nintendo hasnt done anything wrong. Iwata? Frank Cant tell if retarded &.or just trolling. It has a scaler built into the hardware that allows every game to be scaled to 1080p from whatever the original resolution was with practically zero performance cost. 360/ps3 versions of games all look the same, but uncharted and heavy rain detroy any ps3 game usually, as do gears of war for 360 games. It has a scaler built into the hardware that allows every game to be scaled to 1080p from whatever the original resolution was with practically zero performance cost.


    So were the screenshots of ZombiU and Project P-100. It will get better and better as the years go on. With Scoops and the Wolf! UsersTop UsersActivity FeedUser ListsBomb ShelterStoreForums General Discussion Off-Topic Bombcast Bug macross frontier itsuwari no utahime 720p Delete & Combine Requests Editing & Tools API Developers Popular wiki forums Switch PC Resident Evil 7 biohazard Hitman Mass Effect Hidetaka Suehiro The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Mass Effect Battleborn Nioh Giant Bomb Forums General Discussion Why are most multiplatform games 720p on PS3 and 1080p on 360? This topic is locked from further discussion. Edit - This is the bit from the EG review you were talking about: In truth, Microsoft has now confirmed to us that it's merely a video output chip - a means of transferring the framebuffer into all of the different signals: composite, s-video, RGB SCART, component, VGA and - the key new indian hd 1080p songs dailymotion with HANA - HDMI. Britton Thats annoying. ahem.Oh shut up :P video ca nhac 1080p wallpaper Posts: 1404Wiki Points: 15588Followed by: 0Reviews: 1 Lists: 14#43 Edited by TepidShark (1404 posts) - 4 years, 11 months agoI can't speak to geordie shore s06e04 720p or 1080p other titles but Assassin's Creed Revelations totally runs at 1080p on PS3. Zeppy Frank is right, that doesnt prove what the Wii was capable of at all. If you look at 360 and PS3 games, the best looking ones (running at 60fps) are actually running at a lower resolution (720p). Psychotext 31 Jul the mentalist s04e20 720p vs 1080i 11:37:00 60,900 posts Seen 5 hours ago Registered 11 years ago Wayne wrote: From what 40 sony bravia lcd 1080p hdtv kdl40bx421 have now read, there are only 2 1080p native 360 games. Nothing shown at this years E3 even comes close to the Zelda demo we saw in 2011.


    What else? Loads of games in Game said they supported 1080p, so does this just mean they are upscaled? And Gears Of War didn't list 1080p, so can this game NOT be upscaled? phAge 31 Jul 2007 11:00:25 25,143 posts Seen 11 hours ago Registered 14 years ago Err. Adapt rsg jtgk 720p or 1080i Die. As far as the graphical 720p and 1080p, just be patient it will get better Frank You know there is a problem when your user hindi hd action movies 1080p blu ray full movie is making excuses for your terrible next gen graphics&hoping that it will get better. 3 morevertTop 3 Nintendo games on Amazon right now are Switch titles closeTop 3 Nintendo Games on Amazon right now are Switch titles Amazon still hasnt created a Nintendo Switch-specific section for its site, but that hasnt stopped the games from reaching the top history izle 720p or 1080p the charts. In fact some PS3 games dont. Wayne 31 Jul 2007 10:56:46 2,171 posts Seen 2 hours ago Registered 11 years ago Aretak wrote: alimokrane wrote: 360 Games do not support 1080p Natively I think, they are scaled from 720p and rest assured no game will ever support that on the 360. 55a97c10fc

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